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Associated Supplies Group

Food Sector


Currently ASG targeting to be one of the most successful distributors in Kuwait with variation of brands from different countries in Chips, Snacks, Cookies, Biscuits, Candies and Marshmallow. In addition to that we are keen to add more products to enhance our list of products. We have been serving customers that are varies from Groceries, Super-Market, Hyper Market and Wholesale. Our vast reach allows us to service much of Kuwait. Our products are continually focused on growth opportunities, such as increasing the products and categories offered. Working on tight margins and dealing in high volume, we are able to establish pricing that keeps you extremely competitive while at the same time never compromising the outstanding service you�ve come to expect. We have 16 sales staff and 7 supporting staffs, are working to increase the sales and build a strong customer relationship in different sectors of the market segments all over the Kuwait. We encourage you to browse through the website and even bookmark this page so you can check it out often. If you have any questions or comments please contact us.